S650 Skate Rollerski

S650 pair on side.jpg
S650 pair on side.jpg

S650 Skate Rollerski


A longer skate rollerski,
for taller, larger skiers.

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We are out of stock of roller skis until mid January while more speed reducer parts are being produced.

The Niflheim Nordic S650 rollerski is based on the same design as our S600 ski, but with a 50mm longer shaft.  The extra length accommodates taller, larger skiers, with larger boot sizes, while maintaining an excellent ski feel.

The Niflheim Nordic S650 rollerski features an innovative speed reducer on the front wheel of every ski. This feature allows skiers to apply a variable resistance at any time while skiing. Whether it's going down hills, or just to provide more resistance for a better workout, a speed reducer adds flexibility to how you can use your rollerskis. Skiers of all levels can take advantage of the improved safety added by speed reducers.

The S650 ski is designed from the start for years of hard use. From our anodized shafts that will never chip paint, to the use of stainless steel hardware through out the ski, this ski takes a no-compromises approach to quality. Feel confident that years down the road, you will still be skating on the same pair of Niflheim Nordic S650 rollerskis.

Niflheim Nordic skis are equipped with long-lasting rubber and aluminum wheels. Wheels are offered in two speeds: medium and slow. These wheels have been designed to balance durability and weight while providing the most snow-like experience possible.